Data logging on an SD card with Banguino (VIDEO)


In this tutorial it will be demonstrated one of the main advantages Banguino has over Arduino boards, and SD card connector. You do not need to buy anymore Arduino SD card shield to have where to log data, use Banguino for much lower price and in DTX module, not two boards.

Building Energy Meter with Banguino (VIDEO)

In this project we will demonstrate how Banguino can be used to measure energy consumption in your home, office, warehouse… Beside Banguino you only need one current sensor, two resistors and a capacitor.

What is Banguino? (VIDEO)

As its name already says, Banguino brings the most popular hobby and Do It Yourself development platform in the world into a single 25x25 mm chip DTX module and offers full backwards compatibility with the most used worldwide Arduino board - the model "Uno".

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